Tuesday, August 12, 2008

somewheres in the rain and wind

somewheres in the rain and wind
they come to him in his dreams
whispering secrets
of the feeling of what he has seen

there he walks
once enslaved
unable to speak fully
now free
he examines and anatomizes every fragment of his stuck-up life,
looking for the drops of rain

it's fragile in a way distance isn't
but he wouldn't know that, all he know is
it isn't a parking lot,
In the dark alleys of his heart
he stands there holding own hands

as the rain falls
it's business as usual
he stops attending calls

rain cutting down his face making realms
bathed in pain, as the drops play cards on his dreams

somewheres in the rain and wind
decepting him in the mind
as a black and white photograph of a man
cigarette dangling, beer glass in the left hand
each arm perched on the shoulder of a woman
even then it doesn't wash off
it never will

traveling on the backs of moments
and i slowly follow him
to a place called privy
place that eased my anguish
the embrace of a dear friend
he wants more from life than memories
i've had so many dreams

somewheres in the rain and wind
a giant thinking about his thoughts
still looking for his treasure
doesn't know what he is doing
he knows now that colourful ties can only get him this far
so it's time to remove these shoes
and walk back into his own backyard

he huddles around
sometimes sleeps on the ground
he was expendable
not necessarily the one that was needed


  1. Lovely!The depiction,so lyrical.

    Beautifully strummed! :)

  2. i second sami, very lyrical, love the flow of the verses :)

  3. I love the fact that you so beautifully weave every poem with rain and love as its theme

  4. you dont you make it into a song.....

    how i envy you have this amazing gift and i seem to loose my ability to write poems... :(

  5. So well always...
    I many a times hate monotony but this is just an exception :)

  6. there you go...
    bringing the rain back...and with it all the other...beautiful stuff..

    "rain cutting down his face making realms
    bathed in pain, as the drops play cards on his dreams"

    love your metaphors...absolutely love them...

  7. i love d comparisons in d post...smwhr i feel d rain drops r compared to tears...moments r being re-lived under d rain...d memories being brought back to life

  8. Muaahahahaha! Good yaar....berry berry niceeee.....

    //rain cutting down his face making realms
    bathed in pain, as the drops play cards on his dreams//

    Could feel the pain....though didnt know why....

    You write so well....par yeh dukh wukh bahut hua....ab next post khushi wali please..............

  9. somewhere in the rain and wind...
    i wish i could reach out
    and hug you
    hold your hands
    like we used to do as kids
    and ease the pain somehow...

    *bear hug* miss you brother...

  10. Very well written...

    my first time here...I will put you in my reader :)

  11. Existentialist but somewhat gothic on its collection of images; interesting.

    Have you ever tried out the haiku format?

  12. hey...nice blog.....

    place that eased my anguish. the embrace of a dear friend:

    I love these lines....

  13. @ *~*{Sameera}*~*
    thank you sis :)

    @ Lena
    thanks a ton for visiting.
    i hope i strum better :)

    @ The Lover
    i try to have rain in everything i write sometimes i do succeed.
    And it has always been about love..isn't it?

  14. @ phoenix
    well i don't have brains for that but any1 who does that is welcome. :)

    u ;)
    when i started this blog i sucked big i think i have found a way to write my thoughts down.Trust me don't try so hard..soon your poetry will be back.just believe in yourself-it's the best steroid for mind.

    @ Sach! exception this one... thank you ji.this place has to have the thoughts in my mind...i have to write what i feel..even if that results in monotony. :)
    "Kya kare yaar control hi nai hota"

    @ Preeti
    the rain will always be here..especially in this season.
    for me pain and rain go hand in hand..
    u love the metaphors..thanx again ji take care ...and keep smelling. :)

  15. @ mayz
    you've got it absolutely right bro..u r my twin for sure ;)

    @ hope
    you are welcome ji

    @ gagan
    u felt the pain...koi nahin "hota hai...hota hai"

    bhai jab khush ho jaungaa to khushi waali bhi karoongaa..;)
    bhawanaon ko samjho yar

  16. @ rain girl
    bu hu hu sob sob
    me too yaar me too
    *bear hug*

    @ ceedy
    welcome to the rain
    you are already rolling in mine. ;)

    @ Princess Mia
    no yaar,never had the money to buy one...but someday i will learn it for sure. do you strum it?

  17. @ runnerfrog
    thank you bro
    gothic eh? ;)

    haiku no--never,...but i can if u coach me .. :D

    @ Akshay
    welcome hero saab ji
    thanx for visiting buddy.

  18. love the great poems you are making. keep it up :)

  19. @ tina
    thanks for motivating me more
    i will try my best :)


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