Saturday, March 9, 2013


The child in me still  thought of the world as poetry,
but it never  happens that way.

Since last few days ,
From time to time
I sit down,
and scrape my pen of my thoughts against the blank page in my mind,
I think of the way you spoke my name ,
the day I first met you, or
The way your lip gloss shimmered ,
Your hairs shine,
the light reflecting
of camera lens,

Ahh... the feeling I get, looking back
at all the time we spent together,
walking in the park for miles 
lying on the grass watching squirrels ...
the time just stopped whenever I was with you..

You were always beautiful in words,
You were sweeter prettier in words, and
I loved you more in worlds and words
then I ever did anyone in real life.

...the only question  I ask is why didn't you see in me, what I saw in you.