Wednesday, August 18, 2010

about all...

about today:
it hasn't rained like this in days
credits to devil and his delirious ways

about past:
I never wept from pain,
But I've cried from scars.

about dreams:
the crazy music of shattering dreams
it's tearing at my seams

about her:
she streams from heaven till dawn
a forest fire that keeps raging on

about family:
their annoying questions open me wide
submerging him inside in the tide

about me:
a spoiled child with soiled dreams

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


the rabbit is stuck in the race for the buck.I am not flowing in any direction.It's been a year now and I haven't got a good job.I thought this phase was like a summer lightning flash but it's been continuously like noise on radio.I have fell backward after a long time.I never thought I would be at this place at this moment in my life.I had had dreams of being a CEO of some company by 2013.That dream seems to far fetched now. I am someone who lives in reality.So I don't get my hopes high usually...coz I've learned the hard way how it hurts when you lose hope,the world just collapses around you.I am judging myself.There are things I want to do for myself for others.Somethings I should have done already.But I could not.It's a dream or nightmare,I can't tell. I've realized that you can never consider all the factors that will effect the equation of life.But Here I am still fighting ,still trying,crawling in this dark endless tunnel...someday someway,maybe late but I will reach where I see myself.Will try to make the best of what I have.

Some people I thought were my friends,talked behind my back.But I am going to have a good laugh at myself and forget it.Still stuck around those friends.Sometimes one just need to laugh at life,right? At least it keeps me sane :D .
Taking steps toward days when I will be at ease,smiling in happier times.

TC guys... I've missed you all.