Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the last drop

she is dressed in a plain white top, blue tight jeans, preppy black sandals and wearing make-up. There is the slight frown that gives her perfectly proportioned face poignancy, and her vaguely sarcastic delivery is softened by her deep brown eyes. In conversation she is thoughtful, engaging and open.Her appeal is undeniable.

That day,He was mesmerised and he wished he wasn't wearing that stupid shirt.He was amazed to discover that, when he was saying "you look beautiful", what he meant was, "I love you." And even more amazing was the day he realized he truly loved her.

BEARHugs to all my readers.People who connected with me and felt what i felt.
Take care "rainboy" will miss ya all.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

nearing the end(updated)

i was a sketch of a shooting star

wanted a photograph. :(

swaying in the wind
beneath the moon,the sun
thinking about him and her
rolling around the scars
watching the shadows and the stars

sounds of pain
drops in the breeze
stories they told
about the one put on hold
itching to succeed

trying hard to hide tears
standing on the roof
among the fog
he doesn't belong here
fearing the fear
swinging his way
without so much as a sound

the air gets denser
around the throat
soon the rain will fall
to finish it all

he's similar to soaring kite
he never gives up
a Rajput
fighting till last breath is his plight


The next post will be my last one for this blog.Will take a break from blog ville for sometime.But i will come back with another blog.
Leaving for delhi tomorrow so won't be replying.
take care guys i love you ;D

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the cold and fan and blanket
stuffed pillow,white sheet
staring at the ceiling
dark as hell
everything is calm
there's no sound
drowned in dream
just woke up a bit shaken

Friday, November 7, 2008

midnight flower

midnight flower in snowy times
bewitching enchanting fetching shine
drenched for long
in the thoughts of wrong
smells of a love song
can' take you out of mind
trying to keep the horse steady
clinging on to the petals
delaying the unenvitiable
like clouds-the rainmaker
walking with silhouettes,talking to walls
acting cozy and nice
A midnight flower of her time
treasures of memory trunks
raindrops on the tin
the hangout the haunt
little small things
the cuteness in a teddy bear
the silence of raging ocean
A midnight flower of her time
the innocence,the laughter the smile
Now,eyelids are going to fall
so i say sweet dreams to this midnight beauty
"Until next time"
always in the memory trunks.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Am I trying too hard to make me forget you
cause these eyes are tired
and I just want to sleep you off already
It's my poems and I standing up to the world!
I know you hate that part
cause you had loved once.....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

it's raining

sticking the segments together
keeping them apart
painting pictures,
on the walls of my heart
mixture of pain and rain
stuck in here for so long
maybe i let them stay more

it's been ages
lack of action on my part
the time is ripe
feeling the hunger
the need,the crave
have been smelling the rain for too long

sucking every drop of the rain
releasing them here,
so that till eternity i stare
the time maybe near
thinking about words i should have said
the miles i didn't drive
hope you come back and forgive me
i miss looking into your eyes,the smile
the smell of the earth,
the smell of your hair

please don't go away ,
don't leave me like this
it's raining,,
and i don't want to walk alone

staying awake till the sunrise
hoping my eyes open to a surprise.