Thursday, August 11, 2011

One for you...

here's to you, moon
and all the wine drank
under your eyes,
and to lovers who feel
your breath on their necks
and streaked ripples
cutting through ink black puddles
and to hanging on
to the last streaks of the night

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


the devil found my note book
and wrote some awful things
he did some damage
he made some problems
and made me unforgivable
he found your weaknesses
he found my insecurities
he scratched at pages with impunity
and used swear words to describe religions
the devil found my heart today
and made everything a problem
he made you hate me
he promised me I'd never die
and it was the worst thing ever said
he told me I was beautiful
and no one could be worth as much
and that is why you hate me
the devil stole my mind today
he made all my ideas the greatest
he made all my clothing perfect
every step and movement sexy
every drag precise
he told me I was clever
in the thoughts I found in books
he told me all I needed
was to worship what I am
and to gather those
who needed something to worship.

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