Saturday, June 29, 2013

A beautiful dream

intoxicating incense in my room,
a pink flower lying beside me
He kept looking ,
smiling and telling her she was beautiful
folded elbows, carefree talks,
gazing in her eyes for an instant or an eternity

in-between coffee sips we make time,
to casually kiss
like it means nothing,
maybe it doesn't,
or maybe it means everything,
maybe my thoughts are confused
but my eyes see you eyeing,
I see the color in your cheeks,
when I slide my fingers over yours,
and plant soft kissed on your hands
your smile is high and rising
A dream came true in this dream,
a beautiful soul to which he must adapt
you are eyes and mind,
and words over words,
and no one can love enough
to deserve a soul as beautiful as you.