Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's day .

MY DAD and MOM on their honeymoon in Nainital.

Sometimes the ending brings you back to the beginning.
I traveled evil roads
and dark fucking routes
I've been to evil places
and loved the evil pleasures
I've wanted to taste those evil lips of my fantasies
It's mostly evil that I have done
it will haunt me forever
I don't want forgiveness
and I won't beg you to please forgive me like someone weak,
because I don't think I've sinned
somewhere there may be angels singing and devils laughing...
and I don't believe in all these fucking assholes and destiny writers called 'GODS'
I've just been what I am.I am doing my best to smile and always having fun.
But some one keeps shouting,"father" in my head.
I miss you sometimes not everyday not every month....just sometimes.
I am being honest here ...that's all.

On 25th it's going to be Eight years since you left me.I miss you dad.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I see

when I gaze into her eyes,
I see an ocean of love
and a magical dove

I see...

Into a bright future,
a lovely nature
beneath the stars
lovers waging wars
            an enchanted bliss
                    a slow kiss

magic in the air
her graceful flair
the sweetest secrets
no regrets
happiness surrounding
kisses pounding

the wonderful the beautiful
the endless and the dream.

This post is for someone I love,
witnesses are The night, the moon, and the stars up above ;D.