Saturday, October 16, 2010


gliding under the moon,
you came on horizon like a boon
you wore your white skirt
and the way it moves
makes me think of feathers
stars bathing you bare in raw light,
to touch you they fight,
silver wings shining bright
I hear soft whispers
of sunset halo and autumn sky
in half open eyed visions
cuz in You is life
and in You is death

The beauty one can feel it,one can taste it
wiping blood wine from lusty lips,
You have me on your fingertips
You are my glittering kite,
the forbidden fruit I want to bite

Your inviting diamond eyes
like sirens draw me closer
cuttin a universe shape
outta the nothin blackness
massaging my light and kissing my soul
mind is melting,I am in total awe
Without the power to fight time
it's not possible to get out, it’s no longer my call,
One pull of this magic carpet and all the golden eggs could easily fall

miracles in and miracles out
even at the end, you can’t explain what it is all about