Friday, October 4, 2013

it's like this

it's the fierce shift between forth and fifth,
keys change , heads lift ,
and tomorrow's sorrows like a subtle lisp ...

as another love subtly rolls by,
his tender heart silently cries,
and you ask what's it's like ?

anyone can write ,  it's ink on paper and experiences in life,
placed and paced down over extensive devotion of movements of emotions...

there's a time for us all ,
a time to stand down and fall ,
and I am all about not giving up
love has it's way of seeping in whether i like it or not
and now I am convinced
that I've found you
and time is at its best

simple things love ,
simple things ,
like your shoes ...
like my eyes
and the way they shine
when you're reflected in them,
all the wine and time
where the faces blur
but you know
you're a prodigy like
wind through the hair
or the memory scents
in fresh cut grass
and the child like ways that linger there
and the children's care free childhood cares

someone , if they could please tell her , to not take so much time,
just in case if she wants to grace this heart ,
for more then the time
it takes for me to

because I am tired,
but still I am convinced that I've found you ,
oh the distractions of those memory scents
makes one want to exist but...
wait ..
it's like this ...

Written for the OctPoWriMo