Wednesday, June 24, 2009


she's a heavenly thought
her heart is pure in billion distinct ways
like a searchlight,sparkling in my eye
she's pure like the touch of drops
like childhood sunsets
She's that time of the night
when everything is soaked in moonlight

she's a memory,i hope to create

...she's an arrow shot in the dark,...straight through my heart.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


the longer i remain the less i shine... persisting here would certainly lead to pain...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

this week...

I am continuing from my last post...
So,we started our process training,we had to give 12 compliance test.It was so boring...i don't know why Dell ppl made us go through it.It was a waste of time.
We teared down desktops ans laptops and assembled them again.For three days we did this and in between had lots of fun, listening to paranormal experiences of my classmates.SOme of those stories were so childish hehe...,I have never believed in ghosts and spirits,so,it was so much fun pulling there leg.
We even watch the exorcism of emily rose videos on you tube.One girl started weeping.And i was like why do u watch this stuff when u can't handle it lolz

anyways,the cafeteria vendor has changed and the food he serves tastes yuck...
But i have no other option, I have to eat that yucky food.The other day the plates were dirty so i complained to vendor and still the next plate i got was same,that was enough for mei have sent a mail to facilities people.

And I have moved to delhi now.I live in lajpat nagar.It's so full of life.That's where my sis lives.My prime reason to move there.I met her for lunch yesterday after long long time.It was wonderful.I am so lucky to have a sis like mine.
I saw 'Angels and demons' yesterday and i loved it.It was all about science vs religion.My fav topic and I got my first salary on friday...yipeeeee,it feels so good.
I am going to send all of it to my mom.I wanted to do this for a long long time.
take care people i will catch ya again next week.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

a journey,new begining

i wanted to post this for along time,but never had the time.Alas,the time has come and here how it goes...
in feb i landed in noida for training in HP.It was fun,the trainers and my class mates.I always sat on the backbench.People joined me soon everyone was calling us the 'backbenchers'.Met some good people there...some are good friends now.
The flat where i stayed was a penthouse, an unfurnished one on 7th floor.The terrace was all ours.Then came my b'day,i bum got it's share of kicks ;D and my face got a CAKEPACK.My flat mates were so nice,i miss u guys.I still remember the day i was giving my b'day party to my HP mates and it started raining.We all on roof and getting drenched in rain having vodka and Absinth.It will stay in memory for a long time.
In between i met my blog clone mayz for the first time...actually the first blogger i have met till yet.We met at Spice mall and had a coffee.Then we went to gold gym,mayz wanted to join it...he was quite serious about it.But he didn't go he got too busy with job.Anyways Me and my clone met again,this time at my flat and made love to green fairy.She enchanted him too.
we watched...
the way she looks around
at the landscape
and the way she moves
almost nervous
almost profound
laughing at her own words
and promises of adventures
with a couple of poets
from outta' town

He told me the secrets of that GMD song,which i never knew existed.I had a lot of fun and had that drinking session at last.Keep rocking on clone.My best wishes forever.

Training was nearing the end and i decided to have a go at Dell in gurgaon,and it was mayz who gave a ride to gurgaon that day.I got through the interview.Got a descent package and was selected as a senior technical assistant in USCTS.So I decided to join Dell.I got 'A' grade in training and i came to Dell.
First two days were induction days.I met two gr8 guys.They call us the three musketeers.But, our induction batch was divided into two. 73 A and 73 B. I was in 73 B and my two friends in 73 A.And we got a Communication trainer,Paras Mohan.The first day of training we introduced ourselves.We had to draw a Knight's Shield on a paper and divide it into 3 parts and in first part we had to draw figures representing ourselves and in second part we have to draw figures representing our education and work-experience,in third part of shield we had to draw figures representing our aim in life.And below this shield we were allowed to use words, to write our motto in life.
In first part,i drew a turtle,clouds and rain and pillar and a ladder and then we had to explain what we drew.It was so much fun.
We acted in a skit about modern Ramayana (where Ravana abducts Sita)in which i acted as "Lucky the laxman" and wrote some dialogues.It was my second performance ever on stage.I have stage fright so this was big thing for me.Loved it totally and our performance was the best.

Pre-assessment happened:--
i was told that i speak too fast and their are some pronunciation problem.

The training continued.I had to rush home on my week-off's to give my final practical exam.It went gr8, and to my surprise and i topped.I got 97%.Came rushing back to Noida and it was business at usual at Dell.
On a normal day i woke up at 8 a.m. in the morning and went to bed at 2 a.m.It was killing me.ou see how ugly all this beautiful is...So, i decided to move to gurgaon.But,It would take time.I continued going to Dell from Noida.Our trainer was so good,he gave us frequent breaks,we listened to haunting stories of other batch mates,we watched Russell Peters,guitar sessions on Fridays and cricket on Dell terrace. Amazing times guys.Loved this experience there.
A friend came from UAE and gifted me a sony Cybershot 10.1 megapixel,something i wanted for a long long time.I am so grateful to him.Hopefully he clears GMAT and moves to USa. ;)
On tuesday I moved to gurgaon...but here we have power cuts and transportation is a big problem.
daily i spend 300 bucks on my food.I will move to delhi i think.This is not economical for me.
Anyways post-assessment happened :--
there were mock calls and we have to follow the script.
i goofed up the opening and there were some pronunciation errors again.But my trainer made an exception and asked me to do another mock call.My batch mates all of them wished me best of luck,and i did another mock call.It was good this time.But, due to some error,it didn't get saved after 2.5 seconds.So, i did another one.. this one again was not saved...then another,i was so nervous. But at last we managed to save it and i was through.I was congratulated by my batch mates and i was so happy that i am through to the next level,which is process training.

The next day we were introduced to our process trainer.She told us she doesn't know what fun is and once we reach Dell,we are under her command and we can never be late,even for a minute.She told us that these 9 hours are mine not yours.We all knew that honeymoon time is over and now we will see the real Dell.We had to do some compliance tests the first day and then we were free.From monday our Process training starts and i hope i can make it through.

ohh i almost forgot ... we have a Gym in Dell and i have joined it.It's been two days.I am so happy that i am working out again.

She came in my dream yesterday,it was so beautiful.When i woke up i was all smiles.

And if i really bored you guys then u can hop on to Dewdropandleaves.

take care guys and i hope u don't mind my absence from your comment section.I really was and still i am too busy.
hugs to you all

tata birla and ambani