Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cleaning cobwebs

When it rained,
He wished he was home.
drenching on the terrace,
crying and happy
he wanted to be at home

He came home.
It rained
He drenched n cried
He felt all alone…

Every time I get this question so what’s your dream…
I don’t know what to say…If I truly say what I want then most will not like it.
So, I say what they want me to say like a ‘CEO’ or ‘Billionaire’.
But I don’t want to be an CEO or a very rich man, I just want to have enough satisfaction in my life. For me that means I want my family to be happy, my mom and my sis. I want to travel the world with my soul mate to see all the wonders. To be able to help a friend when In need. To do half the things on my bucket list(yes, I have one, yeah, I am insane ;P).But I still don’t know what I would do to get to that satisfaction in my life. I still have not found that what I would be happy doing. All I know is the destination, not the path. I have no plan no money no job and I am still a virgin (*blush blush) . But I do love myself for being a good guy. As far as I know, I have never betrayed anyone and I know I will never.

This is only place that I feel free…I don’t care what anyone thinks about me but I just can’t stop writing that I feel like or I go through. I don’t have a personal diary that I would or may read in future but I do have –rainVille –my public diary. It’s been so long. I have missed this place a lot.

Some little changes have taken place in my life:-

I quit my job at Dell last month!

Now, a basic question that everyone’s asking me is …why? What was the reason??
Actually there were three reasons…

1.Health issues. I am a fitness freak and anything that interferes with my fitness I dislike that. Since Feb I was away from home and gym, feeling so bad for losing my physique slowly with time and then this job at Dell, the odd timings of it destroyed my toned muscles. This was the prime reason for quitting Dell.
2.No use of my knowledge. I have been studying Coding in Computer Languages for last six years. At dell I couldn’t use any of that knowledge (as if I fuckin have any ;D).I didn’t study for that long to work in a call center.
3.well there aren't any beautiful girls there ;)


I like a girl who remembers each dialogue of MPK(Maine Pyaar Kiya ) by heart. For the first time in my life I met someone who has seen that movie more times than me ;)
I don’t know when I started liking her but the day I felt that I should tell her, I did.
She told me that she still loves someone and that I should concentrate on building my career, whatever the god wants will happen. She’s been a good friend and she’s a very beautiful person at heart. I don’t like it when she cry’s and she does that a lot. Everyday, I miss the beautiful moments I spent with her.I hope that she keeps smiling all the time.

It’s coming !

Everyone has this fuckin bad side to them, The one that’s responsible for the untold secrets, the dark side, taboo, things that u don’t want to talk about. It’s forbidden, against the rules and that makes it tempting. He has this evil inside of him too. The fuckin flip-side of the coin. Which he kept and still keeps on suppressing everyday. But it’s getting stronger and he feels that. He can sense a big change in coming days. Sometimes he sees glimpses of him in things he has done. He wants to stop it, But it’s inevitable now.
Maybe this will be a good thing.

Now I need to end this super long post,I don’t know when I’ll post next or come to visit your blogs.I am too busy thinking ,planning and sorting stuff in my life. But, I can fuckin promise u one thing…I am not leaving, still a lot of juice left in this boy.

Have been reading ‘Joan.Konner.The.Atheist's.Bible’…

I found an interesting quote in REVELEATIONS chapter by anonymous…

I believe in God;I just don’t trust anyone who works for him.