Thursday, November 13, 2008

nearing the end(updated)

i was a sketch of a shooting star

wanted a photograph. :(

swaying in the wind
beneath the moon,the sun
thinking about him and her
rolling around the scars
watching the shadows and the stars

sounds of pain
drops in the breeze
stories they told
about the one put on hold
itching to succeed

trying hard to hide tears
standing on the roof
among the fog
he doesn't belong here
fearing the fear
swinging his way
without so much as a sound

the air gets denser
around the throat
soon the rain will fall
to finish it all

he's similar to soaring kite
he never gives up
a Rajput
fighting till last breath is his plight


The next post will be my last one for this blog.Will take a break from blog ville for sometime.But i will come back with another blog.
Leaving for delhi tomorrow so won't be replying.
take care guys i love you ;D

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the cold and fan and blanket
stuffed pillow,white sheet
staring at the ceiling
dark as hell
everything is calm
there's no sound
drowned in dream
just woke up a bit shaken