Sunday, November 2, 2008

it's raining

sticking the segments together
keeping them apart
painting pictures,
on the walls of my heart
mixture of pain and rain
stuck in here for so long
maybe i let them stay more

it's been ages
lack of action on my part
the time is ripe
feeling the hunger
the need,the crave
have been smelling the rain for too long

sucking every drop of the rain
releasing them here,
so that till eternity i stare
the time maybe near
thinking about words i should have said
the miles i didn't drive
hope you come back and forgive me
i miss looking into your eyes,the smile
the smell of the earth,
the smell of your hair

please don't go away ,
don't leave me like this
it's raining,,
and i don't want to walk alone

staying awake till the sunrise
hoping my eyes open to a surprise.