Friday, November 7, 2008

midnight flower

midnight flower in snowy times
bewitching enchanting fetching shine
drenched for long
in the thoughts of wrong
smells of a love song
can' take you out of mind
trying to keep the horse steady
clinging on to the petals
delaying the unenvitiable
like clouds-the rainmaker
walking with silhouettes,talking to walls
acting cozy and nice
A midnight flower of her time
treasures of memory trunks
raindrops on the tin
the hangout the haunt
little small things
the cuteness in a teddy bear
the silence of raging ocean
A midnight flower of her time
the innocence,the laughter the smile
Now,eyelids are going to fall
so i say sweet dreams to this midnight beauty
"Until next time"
always in the memory trunks.