Friday, August 29, 2008


i didn't read any book or course material...just launched straight into it.
Why should I study for an English exam?
All my life i have been studying English
in school,colleges,wasn't that enough to prepare me for this exam...
that's what i wanted to i went without even lookin at past papers.
on 21 i had three exams,listening,reading writing.
Here's how they went:
we were given 40 minutes for listening,
i was done with it in 30.
the headphones were cool...infra-red ones.
First time i had seen them,
they told us to put them on 5 minutes before the exam
And i was surprised to hear a Ghazal by Jagjit singh..
i was like WTF?it's an English exam me some english one
anyways when the tape was over ...
i transferred my answers on the provided answer sheet.
there were 40 questions i think i got 35 right.
then we had the reading test ...
i had to answer some questions based on passages.
1 hr was given..i finished in 20 minutes
again i got 35 right i think.
but time just won't pass...
we were not even allowed to go outside for a minute
so there i was lookin at others,who were busy reading passages.
i was feeling so sleepy.
anyways at last i was handed the written exam question paper
we were again given 60 minutes
there were 2 questions..
1. i had to write an application
2.i had to write an essay

i completed both in 40 mintes
i was literally asleep by the time exam got over.

anyways the last one was speaking module
it was held in a resort on 23rd
i was so confident that i would get 8 band in this.

i was led to room no.219 and there she was
my examiner..Deepa Dogra
as i sat down she turned on the recorder
and initial introductions were done
she asked about my background
my study..and why i was giving this exam.
then it was time for cue card.
the cue card topic was was above my level.
it was--History of britains museums and artifacts
i had to speak for 2-minutes continuously on it,
and had to cover 3 topics.
1.king Arthur
2.Queen Elizabeth iii
3.something famous from britain

i had seen a movie on king arthur some 2 years back
i spoke a bit i knew from that experience
for third question i spoke of east india company
and i stopped, a pause of 8-9 secs or more..i am not sure
the examiner couldn't say anything as the recorder
was on.she pointed her finger to the Queen elizabeth ..
i had to speak but i knew nothing about her
so i said,...
she was a beautiful woman.had three sisters..
was loved by church ..bla bla...

this is where i think i lost my bands...
the result would be out on 2nd september ..
hope i get something around 7.
I really need it.


  1. thanx to both of you.. cheers ..

  2. Hmm cool! I think you'll easily get 7..Good Luck :)
    btw I changed my url:

    do update it...

  3. Methinks you did quite well bro!Baap re,that last round seems tough.You handled it well :)

    I always get confused about Elizabeth 1,2,3 :P

    Good luck for good results dear!

  4. @ sach!

    blog rolled u .

    @ *~*{Sameera}*~*

    thanx sis

  5. i scored an 8.5 :P

    best of luck! u got a nice blog here...keep posting, i'll definitely be visiting again!

  6. welcome here misty ji....
    will be lookin forward to your visits. tc

  7. u got an 8.5..whoa!!!

    are u an english professor or what??

  8. heeheh...just another student like urself :)
    ty for the comments on my blog...blogrolling u!

  9. 1st timer 2 ur of luck 4 xam..

  10. @ Misty Rhythm
    you are welcome miss

    @ anwesa
    it's over..waiting for the result.
    take care and be regular :D

  11. hey i am planing to give IELTS too and if I can't then at least TOEFL the pattern is similar I guess ..will see wat happens

    btw best f luck :)

  12. @ peter
    ohh i am so sorry. I saw this just today.
    Buddy they exams are too easy.
    no worries..have a 'fateh chill attitude'.
    Best of luck and do well.

  13. @ bhawana kapoor
    6.5 and i am ok with it.
    take care miss


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