Wednesday, August 6, 2008

riots of emotions

i don't 'think'
i am a 'thought'
i is somebody,not me,the me they see
thoughts born,live and die,
i watch and i listen
this grey matter of mine like to play tricks sometime...

these visions of her,
always ruling my mind
she is my Queen of spades,
that fabulous sea-mermaid
she's fine and she's here,
she's smiling and she's laughing
i sight,i hear,i see,i feel and breathe in them
shame on these electric pulses in ma mind,
also tell me she's not here.
i had nothing but 'heart' on me,
you took it all away...
who would save my soul now,
finding comfort in pain
I'm so cold from fear...

a symphony stirs in the depths,
waves of love were the starting,
cyclones of pain are the ending...

oh,the riots of emotions...
ahhh.. tears and rain
I have totally forgotten what salvation is like,
still drinking from my broken cup..


  1. wow, very special, i like it.

  2. You touched the right chord and keep it safe.

  3. Oh beautiful !!

    A wonderful concoction of syllables n emotions.

    I am fallin for your poetry Vik.
    Marvellous !!!

  4. *I have totally forgotten what salvation is like,*

    Do you believe in salvation..?? :)

    Been in love and
    They seem to come right from the core of your heart...the emotions that is...

    great read.. :)

  5. A heart is recognized by its scars. I've told you before in another way, that the pain of today will show up the signs that who's made for you must see to recognize you between the rest.
    There is much to learn and much to withdraw before we are ready for a steady happiness. Follow the enlightened ones, as Buddha showed us, resist ignorance and desire, follow the eightfold path and you'll be alright.
    And thanks for sharing your heart.

  6. dat was beautiful...emotions jus flow thru it...unbarred feelings,words n love

  7. i don't 'think'
    i am a 'thought'

    hat's off to you... :) your words are beautiful..they touch the heart like nothing else would...

    *bows down*..

  8. It is hard,but you need to throw away that broken cup or at least mend it.

    Lovely verse! :)

  9. @ oil penny stocks
    welcome... :)

    @ priya
    keep what safe??

    @ Cinderella
    thank you thank you ji
    these words mean so much to me.

    @ Zubin
    salavation for me is being happy
    free from stress and worries.

    thank you for coming here.. :)

  10. @ runnerfrog
    there is so much to learn.. can i..?? i can't and y should i..

    @ rain girl
    thaks for dropping by sis...
    //bows down//

    i can't throw it's precious for me..mend

  11. @ Princess Mia
    thank you ! You are the first one to say so.

    @ *~*{Sameera}*~*
    hehe..sis why didn't i think of it..:)

  12. Leh!!!! gain sad....whats wrong dude????

    It is beautifully written for sure....but still....i wanna know...y do u keep focusing on the sad things???? :D

    Anyway....I am asking this because you are so fun to talk to....then how can you be so sad by heart?

    But I pplaud your writing skills man....and I love you for that....and a lot of other reasons that I cant write here ;)

  13. @ gagan

    bro writing is what's keeping me sane.An ugly submission to a weeping heart.
    its just leads us blinded..
    i am not sad
    it's just my heart that is.


  14. i is somebody,not me,the me they see...


    it has a tinkling sound to it..
    it sounds almost like...tin ki chath par bajta hai jaltarang... sparkling water...

  15. :)

    Abhi ke liye usse kaam chalalo bro.Take care.

  16. @ Preeti
    jaltarang ya that's what it is and sparkling too damn sure about it.

    thanks for dropping by

    @ *~*{Sameera}*~*
    temp solution

  17. Sometimes it's the temporary ones that lead to new vistas altogether.You never know :)

    Have a good weekend.

  18. hey u write beautiful peoms...keep up the good work....


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