Monday, August 4, 2008


it flows from spout to porcelain
and it hasn't rained like this in days
i'm a cold sweat in an awkward pause
but we all fumble for perfect words

where's the phrase thats going to turn her
as they all delve deep into pockets for the scrap of paper
carved with passion
that will no doubt ease their longing

another toast(milk) to this wet plant
who knows without knowing
the blindest eyes can hear the truth we miss between syllables

but no ones blessed or rested
we're all just serving time
and you can't dig forgiveness
without fucking up the perfect crime


  1. Can there be a perfect crime? :P

    Beautiful verse!You really weave the smell of earth into your words :)

  2. The last para' says it all and true isn't it.

  3. @ *~*{Sameera}*~*
    if there was a perfect crime then we wouldn't know off it.

    @ mayz
    it ain't rocket science mate :D :D
    my typing doesn't make sense to me also.It just have to be thrown out here to clean my mind.. :)

    @ Priya
    well it sure is ji
    thnaku thnaku

    @ Princess Mia
    i was expecting you too play the hook shot ...hehe :D

  4. @ ريانکا
    tajmahal tea ki yaad aa gayi.

  5. what do you have for breakfast???


    you are a born poet :)

    trying writing trash for a change....because im bored of commenting each time that your poem is "beautiful' 'breathtaking' etc etc :) lol!

  6. do you remember that poem bachpan se...
    "fate served me meanly,
    but i look at her and laughed
    for none shall know
    how bitter was the cup i quaffed
    along came joy
    and paused beside, where i sat,
    saying, "i came to see
    what you are laughing at.."

  7. "the blindest eyes can hear the truth we miss between syllables"

    Angreezi Gulzaar!

    wao . beautiful thoughts.

    WordWise u are.

  8. i just love it vikram, these are all so true and i like the "blindest eye" line ;)

  9. yet another great poem. well done you. like the ending with the naughty swear word haha!

    sorry you didnt make it in the first 5 to grab the awards. you can still grab it if you like, i wont tell ;)

  10. @ Sachi
    so thank you :)

    @ phoenix
    ok i am letting the secret out..

    --two paranthas with curd. :) and sometimes i have oat meal. :D --

    ok then ...i will try my best to trash my thoughts next time.

    @ rain girl
    yar bilkul yad nai...where did we read it..campus??
    btw thanx for being her sis ..xoxo

    welcome here buddy.
    thanks a ton for beautiful comment.
    but kuch zyada ho gaya,bachhe ko chane ke jhaad pe chada rahe ho. :D

    @ maria
    thank you miss :)
    that line is my fav too

    @ tina
    swearing i hate..but just can't do without it sometimes.

    ok ok..i would grab it ..but whre is it?? :D

  11. "and you can't dig forgiveness
    without fucking up the perfect crime"

    though I won't use these exact word, I agree, cos u cant have a perfect crime n some1s being forgiven.

  12. ssa V.

    Waah was bery bery nice!!!! :P Yes, I didnot mistype bery....I typed "B" intentionally. :D

    Anyway....nice work yet again....I wonder how ur brain works sometimes, its pretty amazing....

  13. Vik ! This was awesome !!!

    Spellbinding !!!!!!!!

    Loved the verses, each n every single one of them.

    Loved the line,

    "....the blindest eyes can hear the truth we miss between syllables"

    Deep n profound !

    Linking you.

  14. @ OluwaDee
    thank you. :)

    @ Gagan ssa ji

    and another comment that makes me laugh :D :D
    this will answer you question ;;)

  15. @ Cinderella.

    i am flattered ji.
    thank you

    you are already blog rolled here.


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