Saturday, August 30, 2008


my sis from Canada says that i am ruining my life
and i am ruining it myself?
she says be friends with her...
tell her that u have moved on

should i lie? ..i am so screwed..
i can't shoot the puppy


  1. Your sis is right dear!You need to get a move on.Remember what I said about the darkness thing?

    Take care bro.

  2. i am so so down...
    can't think straight..

    i love can i move on..she was ...not a thing...she's a person ..........i dont' know...i am not makin sense....i am so stuck up.If i move..which i can't...then i will nevr believe in true love..i am not .."use and throw" guy..i shit..i am in love...fuck it ....i am not myself anymore..

  3. It can be tuff to move on but you have to. When you know its one-sided or just not working, u better let go and things will fall in when you least realize. Life doesn't end in one place u know.

  4. move on pt stickin on n hurtin urself...i kno its easier said than done...but thats d only cr

  5. I donno the backgrd story but all i wud say is don't let the feelings lie.

    Movin on happens one can make it happen by sayin.

    So just surrender ur feelings to urself and live with the past but don kill it.That hurts all the move.


  6. Dear V, I have said it so many got to move on....there is someone waiting for you for sure, and if you dont venture will you ever find her????
    You sister is absolutely correct....just listen to what she has to say....and then do it!!!! And in case of any talks or are always welcome to me!!!! :)

    Be happy V....You deserve it!

  7. I have seen my cuzn bro go thru such a fcke up phase of life, at a very young age...he broke up after 3 months of courtship,,way back in the 10th grade buut till date hasnt been able to get over that girl !!

    And you know why ? Cz he doesnt want to, n your words remind me of exactly what he says everytime....

    May you guys realise sooner, that if not to anybody else you guys owe your lives to yourselves first !

    take care.

  8. @ Priya
    i am trying to let go...

    @ mayz
    trying ma best man

    @ Mez
    thanx a ton
    memories are always there..

    @ Gagan
    sure man i will talk to you but u know i am still unemployed so mom pays my phone bills..hehe

    @ Cinderella.
    i have realized that...i am trying ma best dear..believe me.


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