Sunday, August 17, 2008

rainy times

the sound of the rain crashing down
mowing this polluted town
rainwater is all around
it moves rhythmically on
the ground
rain-drops producing sounds lovable to mind
rain engulfed horizon
he watches it with coffee in his hand
on incomputable rainy days
on incomputable rainy nights
ah.. these rainy times

in rains he dreams
of the love streams
bathing in thoughts
acting like a mime
feeling low and high
both at the same time
ah..these rainy times

beneath a thousand drops he stands
to absorb???to release???
how can i know what he thinks
he's not the him i knew
Mr.wild and free,Mr.heart of gold
locked like a cage,sold for a dime
breathless i rhyme
ah..these rainy times

he patiently punishes himself
thinking of those times
trying to finish the puzzle
with all the pieces he can find
living those tragic moments,the tragic loss
that stuck dagger tore more through his heart
can rain dilute this?
..this what he feels.

ah..these rainy times

wave after wave of rains
washes away the pains
he needs to get out of these trains
still he refrains
pain drains thorough the cracks in his heart
eyes weep tears seep
ah..these rainy times

P.s. Here's a quote from the movie "Amazing grace"

"why is it that you only feel the thorns in your feet,,when you stop running."
y that is ..I'll never fully understand.


  1. u always manage to get a new side of rain in each of ur poems...such a vivid description of such a beautiful feeling...awesome man!!

  2. don't forget i am the rainboy hehe
    thanK you my clone thank you.
    :) cheers & have a gr8 day

  3. yeah u b the rain boy :P listen m running out of words to tell u how beautiful ur poem is ...

  4. I must say this was your best work yet....I mean I had an amazing time reading it....and with the music playing by the side on ur uplifted my mood sooooooo much! Awesome Man, are finally getting out of the sad phase....its slow....but there is progress....
    Mera asar ho raha hai!!!! Hehe....rock on brother!

  5. huh ...u shud b nice 2 ur blog buddies n make them feel gud by not posting a mindblowing poem wen they hav just posted a crappy one on the same theme :)

  6. Yet another beautiful dimension to the rain!You have mastered the art of weaving it into your verses.Kudos to you bro!

    "Can rain dilute this?" - I hope it does,it better do :)

  7. beautifully said as always :)

  8. In rain you absorb happiness and release as love.

  9. the second para is my favorite...absolutely breathtaking.... :)

  10. wow.. You really a rainboy :P
    I love rains and loved your poem too..
    Beautiful.. :)

  11. beautiful...

    as always...

    loved the quote at the end...

  12. @ rain girl
    thanku thanku

    @ Gagan
    u like the songs..:)
    ya asar to ho raha hai ...but tumhari dhamkiyon ka..hehe

    @ Think Tank
    who says yours was was so well put dear.i loved it bro.

  13. @ *~*{Sameera}*~*

    thanks sis thanx a ton
    i hope too.. :)

    @ Tina
    you are welcome miss mummy.
    I want an award now ..:)

    @ Cinderella.
    :) you are welcome ji

  14. @ Priya
    i release pain through it too.. :)

    @ phoenix
    it'e mine fav too

    @ hope
    i think i should change my name too...rainboy hehe
    we all love

  15. @ Preeti
    than you ji
    and keep hitting me back..plz bea critic..who better than you. :)


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