Friday, August 15, 2008

craving for luv

these thoughts are like crackers
the innerspring shatters
and he places his head against the wall,
remembering those days of fun and fall
no route no path b/w myself
ahh..the dirges of missed love

To cover his thoughts
he trys to refurbish this broken heart
this vast unending overgrowing craving for love
engulfing overpowering drowning him,
filling the heart upto the brim
slowly scratching the inside walls,
looking for relevance malls

does he believes?
in himself, his cause?
looking at the horizon
having no destination.
I hope he can convince me.

P.S. --read this quote somewhere and had to share...
""Once hanged man feels invincible
twice hanged, and he finds truth
learns to keep reptile eyed friends
at arms length.""


  1. Hehe....once again an earth shattering deep poem by Mr. V....I could not have been more impressed!
    And yet again, you end up impressing me more....Love you brother....keep up the amazing work....I am just waiting for the day when you write something on me....hehe!

  2. wow! where do you get these idea and what inspires you??
    you know I have somewhat same thing going in my mind...and I am sure many in bloggerville shall relate to it.
    Besides, very b'fully put, "I hope he can convince me" :)

  3. That longingness is something beautiful even before you start loving someone coz you never know whoz gonna hit first.

  4. Once again a wonderful poem! U r becoming one of my favorites!!

  5. May that craving be fulfilled and may he convince you.

    Awesome words!Take care bro.

    P.S. Nice quote :)

  6. we ll crave for love, an innate feeling that is there in everything that we do and in everyone that we care.....

    beautifully expressed

    are you a poem factory or what? :P

    \m/ you rock!

  7. I hope he can convince me

    man that line takes d cake...brilliantly put...

    another gem from d box of V

  8. happy rakhshabandhan bhai!!!! :)
    n i soo love that teddy ..m stealing it ;)

  9. @ gagan
    ssa G

    hehe..your wish would be granted on your birthday..haha

    @ Sach!
    i dunno whenever i feel like writing something they just pop up.. ;)
    thanx a ton for the praise. tc

    @ Priya
    so well said. :)

  10. @ the lover
    look who's saying this for me...dude you are thousands of miles ahead of me...and i really love the way yo write..write a novel win a bookers prize. cheers

    @ *~*{Sameera}*~*
    thank you...hope i find my happiness.
    and belated Happy Rakhshabandhan day. :)

    @ phoenix ehhe :)poem factory's just a phase ..when it passes i would be writing normal stuff.

  11. @ mayz
    thanks bro.
    hope i can come up with more. :)

    @ rain girl
    hapy RB day to you too sis
    mere teddy ki cloning aloud hai.
    miss ya dear

    welcome here :)

  12. @ david santos

    welcome here sir.njoy ur weekend :)


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