Sunday, August 31, 2008

36-carrat diamond

In the darkness he lives, the loveless and the lovelorn.
Sometimes it's like i am already in hell
made a reservation unknowingly long ago
love is like a
36-carrat diamond-studded solid gold riddle.
There's some part of me that cannot accept that i should give up...
i remember how happy i used to be. i need to restore it.To change things i would need to change myself first.i have a gr8 career ahead of me and in my heart all i want is peace.when i die...i want to die knowing myself.i got things to go and places to do

I need to smile a little and let sunshine in
life is good..i just need to see it.
already on the verge of the brink
maybe i am not reading the situation exactly right.
how much can i live with
how less can i die with

I ask "So does time changes you?"
he whispers "sure,u grow older"


  1. I am so happy after reading this poem :)

    You know you need to let the sunshine in,and that's the first step.

    Good luck bro.God Bless!

  2. The first step can be hard or slippery most of the time. When you go on with more steps you come to know life moves on and things do change just how flowers bloom every other day.

  3. Way to go :)
    Love--is truely a 36 karrat diamond and mostly we mistake a 22 k to be a 36 k..
    (all that sis white and shines ain't diamond :P)
    And I would love to talk on "Time changes us by making us grow older" someday :)

  4. yeah datz d way to go dude...let d waves of time wash away d sands of pain

  5. beautiful ur blog is so rainy..i mean it gives d feel..gr8

    blogrollin u..hope u dnt mind

  6. @ *~*{Sameera}*~*
    i am maybe glad..and have a smile on my face now :) sachhi mein.
    thank you

    @ Cinderella.
    all u guys are responsible for are my best buddies now. xoxo

    @ Priya
    i will bloom too...thank you for your support miss.

    @ Sach!
    i know one day she'll realize how much i u said way to go..i will try to move on.
    and you post on that would be fun.

    @ mayz
    thank you bro..i love you. xoxo

    @ joiedevivre
    welcome here man...
    y would i mind's my pleasure that u consider me worth reading.

    give the rain 5 posts back and more..more rains there..cheers..

  7. @ joiedevivre
    maff kerna yaar..galti se mistake ho gayi....
    man ki jages miss padh lena...stupid take care and hit back soon...

  8. well very deep meanings ...hidden ..if one goes thru ...and then it seems optimistic !
    kool one

  9. v r emotional fools? rit ..but how would u like to b an unemotional fool...let luv me cliched as it is if its urs itll come bac to u ...aise na aasun bahao

  10. ohh no issues will read it for sure

  11. way to go mate...keep up the spirit....

  12. @ peter
    thank you man..welcome here.
    hope to see more of you here :D

    @ Think Tank
    emotionalism is the word for
    i am letting her go now...
    thank you :)

    @ joiedevivre

    @ Princess Mia
    going to do my best..

  13. I've seen that time -and the implied work of self improvement- also changes you to grow wiser, and that's a big deal.

  14. Hehe....finally!!!!

    Finally you have decided to move on....and meet life head ON!!!! All the best for that brother....I hope you have the best time....and your career blossoms to a great extent!!!!

    And now....I wanted to correct something in ur post....
    //I ask "So does time changes you?"//
    Ok, so....when we use does....we never put "s" with the the correct sentence is....So does the time change you????


    Just wanted to get back at u....isliye....hehehehehe!!!! No offense though :D
    You know u r the best, dont u?

  15. A broken heart can make one unhappy but time heals all.

  16. see, your heat is broken coz you let it be. you loved her - great! she doesn't ..well fine. we don't always get what we want. and even though we may feel it's injustice, it really isn't. if you really love her, you'll wish for her happiness na... so get over with it.

    Take the first step. And don't feel guilty or bad about moving on. It's time. You have so much more to offer in your life.. how can screw it coz of this one thing? love isn't the end all and be all of life.

  17. Im sorry ive not been reading your posts...and it is obvious ki you are sad ...
    sometimes a dose of sadness is required to bring things into perspective...

    bas tum achche se raho...khushi khushi...aur badhiya badhiya baarish wale poems that hum sab bhi khush rahe...:-)

    they say that what you feel from inside is what you share with others...
    God bless you, sweetheart!

  18. *smiles* so positive.. keep it up..

  19. @ runnerfrog
    hope i become half of what you are my brother

    @ Gagan
    ssa g

    :D ehehe ..i like critics.
    u pointed a mistake in mine i am waiting for a chance to get back on careful buddy. ;)
    i am the i? well i think so..hehe

    @ Solitaire
    time just passes u grow old u forget..that's my thinking.
    thanx for dropping by

  20. @ rain girl
    i am hanging on yaar don't worry :)

    @ Preeti
    in friendship "no sorry no thank you"
    hehe..i will write rainy poems so that you feel happy okay
    ya i have to share feels good.
    bless you too miss tc
    and ab mera blog padhna mat chodna ok cheers

    @ hope

  21. @ hope

    i missed u there...eheh
    +ve not fully yet,trying to be.

    come soon :)

  22. I am on my way rainboy.. very soon.. very soon I'll be there.. :)



  24. @ ANWESA
    sure i am rocking now..
    thank you ji

  25. Hey....

    Nainitaal ka pata nahi but we Bombay wallahs say that " Agar bus aur item nikal jaye to ghabru naka - Agli aati hi hogi!"

    Just look around - she is just around corner man! I am assuming u are looking for one only....

  26. @ Ye manzilen !! friends are like that too bro...but ever1 is diff.
    anyways welcome here buddy keep coming back....



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