Monday, August 18, 2008


voluminous love can feed hunger
the hunger of deeply demanding mind
now he's like Mr.noplan Mr. nowhere
there ain't no destination
the path ain't clear
even the sweets are sour
no gleam,no glow,no happy show
in time what's love he will know
there's no tellin what can happen....

joyce said "The best proof of love is trust.
he trusts her...but does she??
Friendship often ends in love...he thought so too.

If there exists anything like souls, then the ingredients of, hers and mine are the same.

wish I wasn't crying all the time, but... I am.All i want is her
to be with me. y am i so selfish?is it rain?is it my ego?

ps :-
Soon it's his big day. is he ready for it?... am i
ready for it?
he has to get up in d morning
he'll catch the bus to jalandhar,Punjab
he has his exams on 21st (three of them) and 23rd.
he won't be here for few days
and he doesn't know when he'll come back
best of luck to him for the exams.He needs to pass it,to runaway from land of rains and pains.
he will miss all of you...i don't know what he'll do all these days without u guys..
shit...he's so attached to this place..a week off would really hurt him.
With sleep dust still in my eyes i am off to sleep now.Hope he sleeps too...have a long 15 hour journey ahead.
tc guys will be back in 7-8 days..keep rocking and miss me and rains. :)


  1. It ain't ego bro,it's just the wish of a heart which loved :)

    Good luck dear!Have a safe trip.All the best for the exams.Will miss you loads.

    Take good care.God Bless!

  2. Hmm....Well, all I can say is that I am excited that this guy is finally coming to Jalandhar....he is chasing his dream....thats wat he is doing! and i am so sure that he will make it eventually!!!! All The Best to him for IELTS....and all the best to him for the future....

    And as far as you are cncerned....well, V, all I am happy for is that I might get a chance to meet you....and I m excited....but the reason why I am unable to show my excitement is bcoz of the huge confusion in my head! And u knw the reason....

    Baaki toh i know ke this trip of urs will provide u sweet results, no matter waT!!!!

    All the best....and i must say that I wont really miss u bcoz I know I will be meeting you really soon. Take Care my friend, and have a very happy and safe and successfull trip!!!!

    God Bless Us All, Everyone!

  3. Good Luck on your exams and stay focussed [V].

  4. sorry being a dampner but if the quote towards the last is from Wuthering Hiegts its slightly misquoted...

    Anyway cheeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr upp because your poem is way toooo gud

    just 2 set the record rit me a gal ..not bro ;P

    And best of luc for ur exams ..we'll be there wen u post next ( how tuchingly cheesy of me)

  5. awww... jaldi aa jaao...
    all the best...
    God Bless You...!

  6. No, its not ego.. and you ain't selfish either.. it's just love which makes us feel like that at times..
    May you get best always.. good luck n all :)

  7. all the best mate do well n god bless....n hope to see ya soon.

  8. hey have a safe trip and come back soon....

    take care

  9. Hey nice sensitive stuff here:)

  10. WHy do you like rains so much.. i do too.. Yes you are right trust is the forst condition for love.. them comes respect..

    go on.. keep blogging.. do inform me when you blog next..

    Do check my blog and comment:

  11. it has nothing to do with ego.. just a natural wish to be with the one you love .. :)

    Good luck for exams!! All the best!

  12. good one, but its hard to detach you from the poem, but you write good

  13. that was a good one. i dont know how you can keep thinking of them all lol

    good luck with the exams :)

  14. Its aint no love....its just love !

    Goodluck for tests. Get back soon.

  15. @ *~*{Sameera}*~*
    thanx sis..i am back now..:)

    @ Gagan
    so we didn't prob there will be better planning next time..and have to congratulate you for joining Infy.. hehe

    @ Dios Vengador
    bloodii spammer..get lost

    @ ceedy
    thank you m8

    @ Priya
    hope i did well...thanx for the wishes though.

    @ Think Tank
    hehe..i don't know about that quote..i think i heard it maybe..i am not sure..anyways thank you miss and keep hitting me with cheesy comments.. ;)

  16. @ Preeti
    o ji aa gaye aa gaye..
    thanx :)

    @ hope
    ya maybe...i am still not

    @ Princess Mia
    thanx ..i am back.

    @ phoenix
    thanx ji

    @ Priyanka
    you are welcome ji

    @ Tiger
    ask yourself-y do u like rains?
    i think u got the answer...
    thanx for visiting here

  17. @ Lena
    thank you dear..

    @ Sprezatura
    welcome here
    thanx a ton *hugs*

    @ Tina
    thank you ..
    you are way better than me.

    @ Cinderella
    :) *bearhug*


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