Sunday, September 7, 2008

my choices,my mistakes

A smell of change,
felt it on the breeze
rainy days have passed
she is slipping far
like a raindrop released by the cloud
such a small price to pay
to shine like the sun
to fly like an albatross
to taste the glory,
i will chase what i want
i am the creator,the destroyer,
the angel,the devil of my story
I can be the King or the shepherd
my choices,my mistakes
is all that it takes.

phoenix tagged me.Thank you.It's my second tag :)
I am - Mr.V,Mr. I Have My Own Plans,Mr. Bad Attitude(in a nutshell i have thousand personalities, thousand tricks up my sleeve,thousand reasons to believe,thousand reasons to lie,thousand reasons to fly,thousand reasons to sleep,thousand reasons to cry,thousand reasons to laugh,thousand reasons to live,thousand reasons to die,thousand reasons to write and thousand reasons to stop ).
(*devilish grins* that was totally random..ehehe)

I hate - backstabbers-backbiting people,my enemies(there's 1,and he'll die) and religions.

I hear - compliments :D & careless whispers !

I sing- Ay Kya Bolti Tu...hehe :D

I cry- when i watch movies :(

I write- whatever my gray matter(or whatever is left of it) tells me to do.

I always- at home and thinking about a lot of things in my life.

I dont always- say what i want to :)

I listen- James blunt,Linking park,Dido,Coldplay,Boney m,Enrique....too long to type.

I can usually be found- in my room sleeping ;)

I am happy about- my choices (an irony that i am unhappy about them too).

i tag hope,cinderella.,preeti.

Got my IELTS result
I got 6.5.I expected more from myself though.
Anyways i got it without any coaching or practicing past papers.
One of my friend did 1 month coaching and practiced daily.. for what??5.5.
I am so happy but i know it could have been better.
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Take Care and have a nice day :)


  1. Congrats on IELTS. Keep going.

  2. @ che
    thanx man 10q :)
    i will keep on running m8 :D

  3. u really luv the rain everywhere in ur poetry..din't read the tag

  4. Loved the poem!

    "I can be the King or the shepherd" - whichever you choose to be,just let the sun shine :)

    Nice tag bro,but don't you think you lied about the sleeping thing :P

    Congrats on the score dear!It is really good.All the best for the next step.God Bless!

  5. I too at times do not say what I should. I do not fancy Blunt singing much though, but give me Linking Park any time. I sleep less, very less.

    Congrats for IELTS.

    Ur fren practiced daily n went for coaching so that he gets lesser than you and you feel good about it. Education most times ruins than doing good.

  6. @ Think Tank
    u should know it by now.. :D
    thanx for dropping by :)
    take care and have a nice day

  7. @ *~*{Sameera}*~*

    their will be no solar eclipse now.

    no i didn't i sleep at 4 .am. and wake up at 11 a.m. so kinda sleeping :D

    yep step might take linger than expected.

    10ke's sis and have a nice day.

  8. @ oxy
    :D linking park rocks man. ;)
    especially "chester" i love his voice.

    u r welcome buddy...IELTS is not just another stepping stone for me.It's going to change my life.

    no i don't feel's just that to have positive vibes you have to keep finding something that uplifts you.And it really does uplifts me..increases my confidence level.
    cheers m8
    take care and have a nice day(or whatever is left of it now.)
    c ya

  9. looooovvvveeeely poem... :-)

    good goin on the IELTS...

    promise to complete the tag soon...

  10. The verse was splendid !!

    And dear, I have already done this tag before. You can read it here :

    I expected more outta you on the IELTS front though.

    Kaisa hai ?

  11. @ preeti
    thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :)
    IELTS was ok not what i expected.anyways i am happy about it.

    yeah sure..i will be waiting for u to do the tag.. :)

  12. @ cinderella.
    so did u rate my post excellent..i mean 5 stars.???

    read your tag..
    loved this wedding. :D
    (lagta hai sari ladkiyan shaadi ke baare mein hi sochti hain)
    why don't girls want to stay single here in India?society?peer pressure?..would like to hear a girl's perspective on it.

    IELTS score was low ..i know i underperformed.
    i disappointed myself too..but i have buried it in the past and i am happy with what i have got. :)
    take care and post soon

  13. Hi There,

    Thank u so much for visiting my blog again and also commenting.

    The painting i made atleast eight years ago on MS-Paint.

    Its gud to know that u liked the blog so much and the blog have touched ur heart in certain way.

    And yeah ur poem on Rain is simply grt. Luved it. With ur permission, I would like to use ur poems in my blog someday. And, I wish to know ur name plz..!

    Celebrate Life..

  14. hey congo for goinf fr MS ya MBA?
    wishing you loads of sunshines :)) a life free of mistakes and full of choices ;)

  15. @ Rachana Shakyawar

    thanks a ton ji.
    8 years ago..long time...

    you can always use nay of my poems..i have no prob with that.

    the name is Vikram but you may call me 'V'.

    take carea and njoy life.
    cheers :D

  16. @ Sach!

    ohh...i can't say,still not sure what i'll do.May be Ms in CS.

    mistakes make life interesting and i will always make mistakes.

    thanx for dropping by ji.

  17. Congrats on your score. Be the king coz its all about you and your choices. Nice tag and those are some of my favorite singers too.

  18. @ priya
    thanku thanku
    i will try my best to be the king
    But, you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs. :D

    ohh..u like then :)

  19. Lovely poem rainboy :)

    Thankyou for tagging but have already done it here

    will do the desktop one soon :)

  20. @ hope
    10q's ji
    will visit the link and have my say there..
    break a leg for the desktop one.

  21. @ oxy
    welcome to the league !


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