Monday, September 15, 2008

i cry

i cry
for a tormented soul
basking in pain,
with or without rain
weeping itself away
through these puffed eyes

I cry for my mothers tears
the ones she crys for her husband
for loss and death
for the memories

I cry for my sisters hugs
she's far away
living all alone
working hard
missing me and home

I cry for a girl I loved,
the one that left
the she i knew,
coz i can't forget
i need to go away
leave you alone
forgetting those times

I cry for him
for all the regrets in his life
how he feels when he misses his dad
how he suffers within himself

I cry for the one who's trapped within
how he tries so hard
his dry,dull mask
and benightedness

I cry for the innocence
within those eyes
the one that fades away
I've already lost mine

I cry for the children
and their dreams
the time they have
is all that is now

i cry for what I couldn’t mend
the coldness,the tingling
she in my dreams
this dent on my heart

sometimes i cry for shooting stars that no one sees.