Saturday, September 13, 2008

these fu*king terrorists

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I just saw the news about delhi blasts.
20 dead till now in 45 minutes.And SIMI takes responsibility.It was their operation..bastards...they call it "BAD".
I am so enraged at these fuckfaced ppl right now.
Ceedy also talked about 9/11 in his latest post.
it's a shame just because ppl wear clothing different and follow a diff. religion they want to kill them in the name of their GOD..assholes.
Who slaughters an innocent life and then calls themselves a warrior of God? An psychologically unstable piece of shit. You can scream "Praise Allah" all you fucking want, but in the end, allah(if he exists) is going to send you straight to the fucking pits of hell, where you will fucking burn for eternity, you sorry excuse for a human being. I hope all you fucking terrorists rot.

The Terrorists are a bunch of cowards, they hide behind Women and Children, hide under Hospital Beds, hide in old folks homes, hide under a Woman's Berka. These are brave fighters??? Give me a break. The USA and Israel are Brave fighters. Fighters that have a decent moral conscience.They think they are going to be Martyrs and be surrounded by 72 Virgins, what kind of senseless people are we dealing with here??
I don't hate anyone more deeply in my life. I wanted to stab their eyes, hit them in the forehead with an aluminum baseball bat using all my strength, and sledgehammer red hot iron spikes into their evil brains via the ear.
I have never seen worse pieces of shit passing themselves off as human beings in my life. You psychos and those who call you martyrs deserve zero mercy. You terrorists make me support the idea of a nuclear first strike, just to open your sunken, dopey eyes and knock some sense into your dehydrated desert brains.

and who pays fop their actions...innocent ordinary "sharif" people.Just heard from my mom's cousin(she resides in delhi).2-3 kashmir guys who lived on second floor in her building have been taken by the police.
My mom was also leaving for delhi tomorrow she won't be for another week.All these hassles because of these shitty people.
This is nothing but negligence on the part of intelligence agency. They are not taken to task by Home Ministry. The Minister will just pay the condolences to the suffered families and make the public fool by sweet words. Home Minister should immediately resign and the concerned officer should be taken to task.We are being fooled by the politicans like Mulayam singh, Lalu and paswan. I have always firmly believed in Gandhi's India but now I understand why Nathuram Godse didn't like Gandhi's Policies.What Nathu Ram Godse could foresee in 1947 ,Gandhi just turned a blind eye to that. So our countrymen will have to be careful against this war against India. These incompetent politicians will do nothing except selling their motherland, so our countrymen will have to be vigilant and hunt and weed out the terrorists from within our society.It is high time for the public to getup kick the selfish politican out work for the welfare of Mother India. Make special court for terrorist and simply death penality be awarded who plays with the life of innocent people. Wake up india wake up before it is too late.
My condolences to the families of the victims. Its just another day in India. Indian government should not 'react' it should 'act'.
I hope people behind "BAD" are caught quickly and sent to hell.