Sunday, September 21, 2008

How i landed up in blog ville

Guys don't pull my leg for this post.This is what was going through my mind in March this year.

I was always thinking about her,with someone else,it felt like someone was trying to strangle me.someone told me to delete all her pics,i tried,selected the folder, pressed the appropriate button,a message window appeared but I clicked "No".

I just couldn't fall asleep anymore.The more i tried to sleep,the less tired i felt
I was wide awake.I tried everything.I've had become immune to sleep.I suddenly found i had 8 extra hours.My life had been extended by a third.
i wanted to pass the time quickly but instead i was forced to watch the passing by of every minute & every hour.
I stopped going out and taking calls,i house-arrested myself.I was so low-down and out.i wanted the hurt that i felt to go away but in some cruel trick of events
i had even more time in my hands--more time to think about her.

sometimes i sat on the roof
i watched the landscapes slowly change
as it clung to last hour of sunlight.
before leaving me to yet another sleepless night

Then i started to read all the books i wish i had time to read with the extra hours i even had time to re-read my fav ones but she was never far from my mind.

i could feel a faint shift in a faraway place
a current of unknown consequences was on its way
moving towards me like an unstoppable wave in stormy sea

it was getting obvious that i needed to do something with this time.So on 3rd april i decided to start blogging as a gift to myself on my B'day ;D
During the time most normal ppl are sleeping.i was busy killing my time,i gave net my extra eight hours and it gave me rain ville.

* Present Day *
it's raining for last 34 hours heavily
this is the haunting period.
the time when demon of regrets comfort you.