Tuesday, September 23, 2008

college = boring

college for me has been boring after my graduation
but my stay there has taught me to appreciate the fundamentals of time
there is art for dealing with the boredom of 6 hours of college
the art of putting your mind somewhere else
while the seconds slowly tick away.
All the people who are bored here
have perfected their own individual art.
take me
I know rule number 1
"the watch is the enemy"
the basic rule is this...
the more you look at the watch
the slower the time goes.
you have to uncover the hiding place of your mind
and stay there every second
this is the basic art in dealing with your boredom in college

then there's "Rajiv Ghai"
rajiv thinks of himself as a sincere student
i think of him a sheep as i think of all the other classmates
you see in first sem Rajiv complained to our HOD
and the poor guys internal marks were slashed for that
Rajiv is on the back foot ever since
never complains just does what they tell him to

Manish is also a sheep
Now,Manish and Rajiv are good friends
between them they have come up with a very diff.
way of dealing with their time at college
there's is an art of doing anything that
ain't going to hamper their marks
like sitting in class or lab

college management's theory is that even though they can't control me
they can control all others
coz they know that they won't say a thing,
they fear for their marks
so i am the only opposition they face
and i am very painful pain in ass ;D

the decision is always an easier one
if i agree or if i don't object
then they are so happy
but when i object
they win ultimately
but they know they didn't win over me

the art of doing something else other than what your are supposed to do is so addictive...
i am supposed to go to college
i don't
i am supposed to respect these teachers
i don't
i am supposed to follow rules
i don't
i am supposed to be behave like everyone else
i don't

it's just the excitement of doing something u shouldn't be doing along with the consequences you may face once you do it are so strong that it often pulls me away from everything else

i usually get reported for what they call
"coming to college after 2 months" :D
It is the stupid teachers and their low intelligence
that sends me on these quests.
But i know what i am capable of and what i can do.
and i know that they know that too ;D .

Mom's away for 10 days in Punjab
it's gonna be party time each night at home ;D
going to have some drinks after a gap of two years
this is gonna be fun.