Friday, September 12, 2008


there’s a snot in the room
there's the endorphin
there's the body pains
there's a rain drawing nearer
there’s a unconventional dream here somewhere
there's this speculation about her
there's this sound of raindrops inside and outside.

still here
[I went to Rudrapur today,it was raining]

In the mall
i saw lights warping shadows of her
in the faces of girls
she's still here
she's playing within
these pains,
slowly they told
something inside me unfolds

I thought of that day
first practical in college
and the delay,the night,the bus,
and the blanket you engrossed yourself in
and all that stolen time

now who should i go talk to
who's voice should i fall asleep to
who should i call "hitler" //*V smiles*//
whom should i sit with
who's lunch should i steal
who's here to help me heal?

leavings of what she was to me still endures.

The awards that i have been given i will be posting them soon and i will announce the lucky receivers too.