Thursday, April 3, 2008


it's 3 p.m. here,and till now i have got 17 calls... and still i didn't get that one call i am wating for.Although i know i shouldn't be so childish but i just can't help it.Still hope dangles on a string,like slow spinning redemption,winding in and winding out.


  1. it's funny that we keep waiting for that one evasive, elusive thing all our life, while the beauties of life pass by us and we don't even bother...

    wait, if you want to.. but be prepared for all. :)

    and once again, happy birthday, bro. may god bless you - today, and forever...

  2. i am yaar ..but you know how i am ..want to keep holding on to all those i love..maybe i will too become like everyone else oneday..but i really don't want to be..

  3. you dont worry abt it.. :)


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