Saturday, April 5, 2008

it's 5th April 11:30 last night we had a party and as usual all my so called friends were there but only few of them are really.I had to tell most of them that why i am giving this party as only 5 remembered my b'day.And ya to my surprise Sameep came..although i called him, i still never thought he would come & ya handshakes happened,he wished me and i thanked him too but that was it.Hope we become what we were a year ago.I miss him a lot sometimes.He is the one guy in our group who has same interests as mine.Maybe one day we'll sit together and chat like we used to or listen to those linkin park songs..miss those days a lot.

I was there but my mind was not.Have had this feeling in most of the parties i go to..
i just don't like that atmosphere that builds with booze i think...but still i go to b social.Anyways,one by one they left and At 12:00 a.m. only 3 were left Mujahid, Mohit & Monu and they were giving me "Gyan" about life.They were right about everything they said and i hate them for that.Monu says if i stay with him long enough he's going to change me,he says that i am too childish(agreed m8)and i need to grow up.I know he's right and i want to change too but i don't know if i will like myself then.
Best of luck to've a difficult task at hand bro.

So,This party cost me 4200 rs..Another learning experience this was--an expensive one too.


  1. sweets, *hugs* dont worry abt these expensive long as you realised that it was a lesson..

    some friends go, some stay..and you, i dont think you are childish.. you are just honest.
    that line..that you wont like yourself if you change - sooo understand it. it does happen. but am sure it wont happen with you. you are good at heart, and will remain like that always.

    i dont socialise when i dont want to. but am not sure if its good or bad. just do what your heart says.

    and you write such raw,honest stuff...mmuuahhh

  2. Happy Birthday bro! Though I dont know you, you talk n think the way I would on any given day...n ya, y is it always like this? Y is it that the thing u want always evades u? Waise, u r not the only one, we all have our unchained desires...

  3. @ p

    trying to write whatever i think...

  4. @ runa
    it's like this because everyone is connected to another in someway ..we just don't know how.

  5. ya, n maybe we dont know it, its sometimes better to not be in control n just watch life soon picks up speed...

  6. i have always had a life like that ..never in control,always evading:-(


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