Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Story

It started during his graduation,he liked her but couldn't say so as he feared of loosing her so he just kept quiet.Time flew she went away for post graduation and he stayed at the same college.He was alone as all his friends had chosen to do pg from some other college.It became very painful to go there each day and not seeing them, memories came rushing back everywhere he went so he stopped going to college.In between she called him weekly and made him laugh(a rare occasion).He felt so happy whenever they talked and he could tell she was happy too.Soon the day he would not hear her voice he felt restless.Whenever he was sad/happy he would call her she would listen and understand him.He started caring for her,scolded her if she skipped a meal or didn't have milk.He thought he has found himself the one.Now all he had to do was ask her what's on her mind.she didn't like the people where she studied and always said that it would have been so good if you were here with me,nobody could have said anything to me and he always thought that he should have been there with her.She told him that her friends know him as her boyfriend and tease her.She would say come to my college,my friends want to meet you.He would say i will come one day,the day that was supposed to be Feb 14 2008 but it never came as everything fell apart before that.


  1. so many sories rae ike thi sbrother. but dont hurry up whe you write. take your time, be hon est and just write. in helps.

  2. yup yup..yaar i write whatever comes to mind,whatever i remember ..


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