Thursday, April 3, 2008

That call came

7:11 that call at last.I waited for her call all day but when it came their was no charm in it.I didn't talked to her the way i should have..reason--i was angry at her for not being the first one to wish me...maybe i still haven't been able to let her go and maybe i never will.But the best thing happened at 10:00 p.m.Someone whom i have met only once that also in a bus on my way home some two years ago called and sang Happy b'day to me along with was so made my day.Feeling so good now, those voices have rejuvenated me.Just had dinner with mom and it's time to get to bed as i am going to college tomorrow after 2 months.So one last time....
Happy B'day to me..muuaaah till next time...


  1. happy birthday to you..someone sang for you? thats the sweetest thing ever!!


  2. it is now i know how good it feels.


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