Monday, April 7, 2008

The JaiL called College

My second day at college started as usually it does-first two lectures and then again the same's just that i feel i am trapped and wasting my time when i am there.Their is no system in place here for our studies..teachers are inept and we are forced to listen to their foolish explanations..sometimes i feel what i have done wrong in my life to land up here.I didn't deserve this college.Anyways nothing can be done now..till Feb 2009 i have to be here in this sick place.I have not found any cause to believe that things are looking up but still no one understands my reluctance to go to college.Weeks,months,almost two years of frustration is now showing.Maybe i am acting crazy then maybe more saner then before.

Looks like that today i am again in a mood of edgy confidence and frustration.
so no more writing today,need to freshen up myself.I think my optimism has ebbed.


  1. maybe bcs u have just started attendin this college...i also feel stupid the first few weeks in a new relax and keep your hopes high, it will get better :)it always does, it takes time, but it always does...
    n remember, we are where we are because of a reason, so wait n watch ur life unfurl... :)

  2. no that's not d case,this is my 4th sem of MCa here,things are not lookin good here..i don't think they ever will be.Now it's just about passing my time ..whatever is left of it here and move on with life.
    Sometimes i do believe what u have said Runa but then sometimes i don't.Things can't get better without me trying to do something about them not emotionally but logically.


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