Friday, April 11, 2008


The following post is to be read as on 10th APril !!

8:35 p.m.
"Naa hai Pana ,NaaKhona hi hai"
the phone sang as he was fighting with weights in the Ravi's Gym. His Close friend Mujahid picks it up and passes it to Monu who sees the flashing number on screen and exclaims it your pal..Shikher!And he was like Shikher!! So at last he gets time to call. He puts the battered old body of the cell to his ear and then he finds out why Shikher has called him after so many days...his closest pal wants to have a cigarette and wants him to go with him to "THE CLUB"!Now CLUB is the place associated with all of us friends as it was the place where we all used to meet each day at between 7 and 9 p.m...y here ?? because first of all it's a Dhabha that's 3 km away from town and then u get all varieties of cigarettes here and beer and whiskey too.Second coz it's so far away it's safe for all the boys to go and have a Drag.Another thing which happened here was on October 7th 2007(some 10 days after the strike in college and the beginning of the ending of my friendship with Sameep) when as i was coming back from RAvi's Gym Shikher caught me and me,Shikher,Pankaj and Kaaku went to CLUB.They were having their drags and i was standing by the bike.Then riding on a bike came Sameep,Vishal and Atul tyagi.What happened next something that's always going to be in my memory.Vishal came and tried to start an argument with me,i told him let's talk but he tried to hit me and at that very instant Kaaku intervened and pushed him away.Pankaj and shikher also intervened..all this time Sameep was behind Vishal.Kaaku was holding Vishal and still he managed to slightly hit my stomach..i just put my hands in my pockets as i didn't want to do anything that i would regret later(it looked like most sensible thing to do at that time).Then Kaaku started his bike,came to me and we left CLUB...Sameep and Vishal came driving behind on their bike and Vishal said -Kaaku don't interfere in my matters as i don't interfere in others..and Kaaku was like F**K Off man..and then he dropped me home and told me to get inside and i went in...and called RAvi who's a close friend of Sameep too.He Was shocked and told me to stay calm.Then after half an hour came Pankaj and Lucky and told me that they called up Sameep and Vishal came with him, then their was argument between shikher and Vishal ….by this time my mom also came to know what has happened and as she’s close with Sameep’s mom she called her and he was called to his home.

Things got settled down after 2-3 days and I have in my heart a grudge for Vishal.He’ll pay that’s for sure but as they say.."Revenge is the dish best served cold."
So I just concentrated on other priorities in my life.
So today that’s 9th April as we went to CLUB i again saw them standing there and having DRAGS. Vishal,Sameep were there…and didn’t wanted to stay there as I hate that bastard Vishal but had to still spend 5-6 minutes there as Shikher was having his drag.Life as a non-smoker is really very difficult in these situations…smoke everywhere and you just wait for others to finish so that you can get out of there.
I just needed to get this out of my system.You might think I am crazy ...nope i am as sane as u or even more.

Got home at 9:00 in darkness as there was a power cut,and it's hot here now so couldn't sleep & then Shilki called to say that she got employed,a package of 2 Something,i am so happy for her.Another one of us best friends gets employed.Now,it's me and Akhil who remain.Our time will come soon too,hopefully.

I did something silly too...i messaged Pankaj at 1:35 that i am not coming to your marriage bro.Why i did that??Coz i think that he invited i am waiting for him to call me.

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