Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Surprise....

Only you two?? the teacher asked
yes came the reply
Then i don't think we need the whiteboard today. Let’s sit together and finish this topic off. Today we are going to study Boundary fill and flood fill algorithm -teacher said
AND both of them obeyed the orders as they always do as this teacher was at least trying hard to explain the topics to them and was a different experience for them.
After 15 minutes he started talking about why he has joined this college. He was a student like them in U.P. tech university last year but his 5th semester result got withheld and here he was watching his life go haywire.He told them he didn't like the job but he's got no choice..he reaches home at 10:30 sleeps for only 6 hrs and then he has to get ready to catch the train to get to a town that's 35 km from college and then if he's lucky enough he catches the college bus on time to do his duties.He's trying to break into corporate world to make some money to support his family and make his father proud who is an advocate.Then he says to me try in modelling man..and i am like...WTF man! where did that came from!!Then he goes on to say what they all say....blah blah blah....

In the end i just felt so sad for that man,who has to do what he doesn't want to do to survive in this world of vultures.Maybe soon enough he will get an opportunity to catch his dreams and make his parents proud.If everything came as easy.....

Other than this incident of learning a lot about someone there was a surprise in the evening.It was Sameep,he came to my home with Pankaj's Mom to invite me and my mom for Pankaj's marriage.Our eyes met for a second but their was no friendliness in them(including mine)..then mom said "Vicky cheenu ko baitha to sahi.." and i just stood there and said nothing for a second or two..then i bent down to touch Pankaj's Mom's feet to get her blessings....

They left in a minute..after that i don't know why ,but i felt i did something wrong by not shaking Sameep's hand...but then that's how i am, and i just cant help it.And then their was a blackout in our town.So i was not able to go my favourite place in whole wide world..Ravi's Gym.Then came Pankaj's call to make sure that i was coming on 13Th to his took him 2 and 1/2 minutes to convince me to come(He hasn't called Vishal).So on 13th this kid is going to the Party guys..yeyeyey


  1. oh bhai! wish u had gone.. :( but i guess thk hi kiya...

    see, people struggle so much na.. we are so lucky....

  2. i think what i did was right..


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