Wednesday, April 23, 2008

evaded another rule

A new rule has been made for Mca class--that everyone has to come to college to maintain 75% attendance.Only students having 75% attendance will be allowed to appear in internal examinations starting from 29th.
I have always evaded so many rules before so this time it was no different.
I knew i would subterfuge this one too...and i did,all it took was 10 minutes of convincing of my H.O.D.He is 7 years veteran with an aggressive mien.
So, now i only need to go 3 days to college a week.You've no idea..It's such a relief.


  1. sahi hai yaar :P mujhe bhi sikha de..main bhi boss ko bol dun ;)

  2. ehehe...just be confident rest will come by itself.


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