Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Surprise Guest..

didn't go to college was a lonely day but i did study a bit.Watched "disturbia" yesterday ..a good movie i would say!Sameep's mom came home today i chatted for a while with her and she asked y didn't i came to PAnkaj's marriage.I just said leave it aunty.she told me that vishal would never be at that place where i am.Also that i should talk to him.Aunty said that she's going to make us friends,but i refused and just left the room,and went to gym.while i was gone Sameep came and as i had thought he said to mom..that i didn't tried to talk to him when he came to my what can i say...i know i didn't but y i didn't i don't know....
Now feeling so sleeepy had a gr8 workout today also have to start working on my project gotaa go


  1. mumma said you not going to kaku's marriage..why..becoz he's coming?
    y spoil ur present friendships for someone who should not bother you? by letting him affect you this way, you are letting him win na. do go, if only for kaku, who stood by you.

    but yes, i will respect whatever you decide.

    take care...

  2. if they are my friends and this situation would never have arose.


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