Wednesday, April 30, 2008

End sem Blizzard

violent outburst of end-sem, each day of this week i have to face one.End-sems are created due to pressure of external exams not on students but on teachers.
They influence my activity in such matters as sleeping, studying and gym.I hate these in a likable way.Two exams have come and gone like whirlwinds ...just four more to go.

highlight of the week--
on 2nd Nikki is getting time hehe...


  1. dbhaiiii what do i say... kinda miss you..will mail u the song asap, no worry

    and for your previous post..
    it takes time to forget someone..maybe years..i mean, u really dont forget, but the ache goes away

  2. hmmm..i know but i don't want to forget yaar...:-)


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