Thursday, April 3, 2008

my birthday Gift to myself...

Friends it is my birthday today and to celebrate I've launched my first blog,something that i wanted to do for a long time.So I'm now a year older now(26 exactly)still studying and one more year to go before i complete my studies.It's 3 a.m. and i am not able to sleep.I am tired though.Still waiting to see if i get the call i am waiting for.Feeling so lonely and empty today.
Last year the b'day was so good.I was made to cut 3 cakes and was given three rounds b'day bumps was so much fun.As of this birthday i think i will just have a simple dinner with mom.There are so many friends i have and only 10 of them actually called up...let's c how many call me up before the day ends..I'll let you all know. Anyways, I think will study a little now then hit the hay.

something i heard somewhere just comes to mind--
Some years pass in a day..
somethings change and somethings fade...

rest i


  1. hey it's me.. payal... :)

    happy birthday to my sweetest dearest so glad that you are blogging..will be good to se your views, your thoughts.. :* hugs bhai.. its kinda deja-vu coz i was wondering yesterday that why dont you blog too..

    you are good and simply awesome at everything, just relaz and have fun here. This is your blog, your place...make the most of it & express all..

    happy birthday once more!!

  2. @ payal..
    Thanx a lot sis.But i am not as good as you...just a decimal in front of you.Maybe one day i would be like you.

  3. are u mad??? aisa kuch ni hai..u just dont express..thats all..

  4. I have this habit of reading the first post of the blog's I visit.

    So happy birthday! Now two years later since this post, the blog has grown phenomenally eh? Congratulations. :)

  5. OMG !! I never thought someone ever did that :D

    Yes, it has been two years and A lot of things have changed :)
    Thanks a lot for reading my first post friend.
    Welcome to rainville.

    hugs n tc

  6. Oh I've been meaning to come to your place for quite some time, since I saw your profile on fb. I'm not from Himachal, though my granny was a Parmar! :) .. Aise hi delay hota gaya, aaj mauka lag gaya to am spammin your blog.. :D

  7. really... You saw my profile on Fb ? Why didn't you add me then ?

    My grandfather was from Himachal...though I've never been to the place and I really don't know anything about history.

    haha I am glad that you started spamming :P

    Take care


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