Sunday, April 27, 2008

got that Break

At last i got that break that i was looking for so long and it turned out to be Nainital.Some of my friends (Devansh,Javed,Imran,kushagra) from Noida were there to have some relaxing time,it Went very well for me...Just loved Mountains,Valleys,Lake it was so pleasing to eyes,didn't do boating in the lake as i am totally afraid of water..always have been..something i gotta get over soon i want to go river-rafting.
It was a beautiful view in the night too.We sat on Lake's bank in the night and it was fun sitting there and talking to my friends...and i would b lying if i say that i didn't miss her..:-( ...all the effort that i put to forget her has been ineffectual till now..i am so weak here,it's so recondite.Still can't believe that cupid hit me.

it's Vicky signing off ......muaaaaaaaaaahhhh

after so long i feel happy....:-)

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