Friday, October 17, 2008

what have i become??

when we talked
i didn't just heard her
i felt her

There was a time, a time before love. When he reigned supreme. When he believed everything he did. This was an age when he didn't allowed anyone to come close to his heart. And in time,she came,swept his off his feet,she was more then the rest.?Her name was *****. She was like a angel walking amongst mere mortals.She had a voice that could make his heart dance and adrenalin pumping. In other words,she was the one. You know how when someone is like the sun shining on you - the approval, all the "You're so wonderful"? That's what it was like when I was with her.

He'll see her again tonight in dreamland. But his dreamshows makes my eyes rain! And they said crying is for little girls.

Vicky gazes at these mountains of love
dreaming of smiles with wine dark eyes
pebbles have fallen over the ledge
infinite miles of road ahead
dreamt of dining under starry beaches
not remembering history
that this way lies nothing but dead ends

He not talking
not happy
not here
just someone
for everyone
for an escape
for freedom
turned to ash
dangling from a cigarette
used up and wasted
hell is what he tasted...
anything but this i cry anything but this

This is a "private" room of mine.Out of curiosity everyone wants to walk through a door marked "private."
for me being in love is like @#%$@.I am friendless, brainless, helpless, hopeless!
I will never love again.Look, I don't mean to be rude guys but this is not as easy as it looks!
I have already posted three posts today,and i want to write mind is so fucked up right now.