Friday, October 17, 2008

the problem child

the problem child
all my life
ran through frights
i was the one
the lightening beam,
the pure morning breeze,
caressing your lovely face
now i am
the black dog,
crying in the night
the high tide on the rise
erupting volcano,raging rapid,
the face of evil
the eye of dark
the good gone bad
or the bad gone good

i have my reasons
and the heart is boiling angry in the fry pan of the disillusioned love
but i don't really mind the smell
theirs winter in a daydream and i awake to snowy nightmares
what a beautiful existence from behind the telephone pole jungles
you see me writing about love and her.They come on to tell me the true meaning of it all,change your attitude for the rest of the life and be nice to bums and submit to bla bla and compliment your friends bla bla blah .I really can't stand because folks if mythical personalities can pretend to have a soul then so can I.

This is my fourth post today..Still i haven't been able to let it all out.I want an awakening under blue skys and a beautiful array of birds.