Friday, October 17, 2008

billion thoughts

there’s billion thoughts
storming in ma mind

Is there a GOD?
so waht are we but a mockery
some experiment
he plays games
we are toys
God laughs as he watches our lives
until he gets bored
If everything is GOd's plan
then why death is spread through sex
and nearly everything gives you cancer

How to recognize the eyes that lie?
ppl who betray,play me
to tame the plague of slander
seduce the beast whilst god feasts

and live in the love you hand him

within it all
or maybe under
someone snores
and roars with thunder

seven pence nonsense
this is all too raw for me
I just want to live within your face
where all the words are free

there’s a true child
and a cold hand
in a battlefield
with will to stand