Wednesday, July 2, 2008

tumbling through...the rain has fallen

heard somewhere once...
Inaction leads to A dreadful welling up of Painful memories.

it all goes wrong again
the rain has fallen
and all I'm left with is
Its bitter taste

i was murdered yesterday by my own
i shouldn't speak it

a stolen whisper
i found it on the tongue of girl that i love

for sure i can say now..this is just a theory
That you can live on love alone

You can live and survive
On unrequited love alone

So now, when things seem bleakest
I can become a myself again

teardrops in my hands had been in my eyes for quite some time.

by chance one of my Playboy friends "Mohit" called up.I let it all out and asked dude how can u be like this and i am not.You play with emotions you get away and i love purely for deserve this.
He said just remember: "when you see that star shining at its
brightest, its already been dead for a thousand years."Then he told me his story.And that eased me down.
So I'll keep it here right where it stands
Hold my fears close
Bottled up tight.

I had a dream
to touch her face gently
and run my fingers through her hair
was an image in my mind..and now it will remain so.
One day like everything this image will get blurred too.

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  1. "One day like everything this image will get blurred too."

    - so true...


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