Sunday, July 13, 2008

you know ..

People get a little lonely sometimes,
People need a little love sometimes,
People need a little that sometimes,
People need a little this sometimes,
People always need something...
and i am no exception.

i´ve had my share of tears..
Give me a cure for this condition
before it`s too late
she´s over there
I´m waiting over here
And i´ll take it like it comes

I don´t know where i´ll be tomorrow
I won´t even ask her questions
I will take what i can find.

going to follow the breeze wherever it`s going.


  1. First, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such a cool comment. Keep dropping in....

    Now, Its nice hearing about love, but incomplete is love is something that is painful. I lie the expressions that U've used, and they are, why won't you ask her questions? ;)

    And yes, dont worry, we all are misunderstood from time to time....and sometimes, it is a good thing.


  2. P.S: I am Blogrolling you....Cheers again!

  3. Lovely poem,very lyrical!

    Time is the best healer.

    Thanks for dropping by and blogrolling.You are blogrolled too :)

  4. bhai!!!!!!!

    I won´t even ask her questions
    I will take what i can find.

    these hit hard man..really....hit hard....

    are u from jammu ?

  5. nice one :)

    btw thanks for stopping by at mine ;)

  6. @ gagan
    ssa G,
    thanx for visiting.Nice to know that you like this post.
    Yes incomplete love is painful ..but then love has it own ways.Maybe this is mine.
    And Y wouldn't i ask her questions coz sometimes the answers could be more ruining.

    hope that i answered to your satisfaction m8.

  7. @ gagan

    thx for rolling me...cheers

  8. @*~*{Sameera}*~*

    time is the best healer for sure...but it's takes too long to heal sometimes.They say it takes half the time you were with someone to get over that person.i've never experienced anything like this before, but im extremely capable of acting normal around others though my heart is shattered, & i only allow myself to break down when im alone or blogging.

    thank a lot for RollinG me.

  9. @ vishvsambyal

    thank you for relating.

    no i am not From jammu.I live in a small town 70 km away from nainital in Uttranchal.

  10. @Princess Mia

    :) you are welcome!

    and really it was a pleasure to be at yours.

  11. Please dont mention it....I really am glad to meet you. :)

  12. well, aint it funny child, love sometimes leaves you as dead as yesterday :)

    Thanks for adding me to your bloglist. You're now added as well!

  13. @ Kartiek Agarwal

    spot on m8!

    thank you.


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