Sunday, July 27, 2008

poem for "naina"

Yesterday i logged on for a regular session
And I met this girl there

there were messages and more messages
she wanted me to write her a poem after reading my blog
so here's what i thought....

Friends don't call her name
they sing for her,
how lucky she is to have them
surrounding her like a fur

morning jog, window-shop,dancing
are her trades,
are all she evades

had a crush once
and that was all,
so fortunate as
love is the one that makes you fall.

she hates the gym as it wastes her time,
won't even trust you for thousand dime

her dreams are big,
hopes are high,
she wants to a designer
designing other lives.

to नैना
miss, i wrote this in "रैना" :D

sob sob!!!!!i want those outfits for me!!!!![cry loudly]uuwwwahh!!!!


  1. Wow!So cute :)

    Ek hi mulaqat mei itna sab kah gaya? :P


  2. @ *~*{Sameera}*~* ji
    hehe..actually she gave me some info about's some sentences she wrote in messages to me..

    "my frnds rather start singing songs for me than givin me pet name!!:D"

    "i love hanging out with my friends!!!and mostly do a lot of window shopping!!!"

    "i used to go to gym....but then had to go against left it....right nw i go early in the morning for jogin n stuff!!!!"

    "i love to dance........"

    "im studyin fashion designing in Nift...."

    "craziest one would be cutting the signal and giving the police a lame excuse but still escaping frm not gettin caught!!:D"

    "i was never in love and all crush was my not in love for now!!!!i dont trust that easily......."

    this info was what i wrote down.

  3. lucky find a poet like u ;)

  4. She is lucky to have such good friends;)

  5. wow, yur surely creative impressed ke knowing so little abt the other person u cud write a cannot write anything close to a poem...i so suck at this....keep it up

  6. @V: SSA V,
    Well, to start with, the poem is nice....really nice. I know that the girl u wrote it for must be blushing by the very mention of it....par ek baat batao....dont u think u got to know a little tooooo much abt her from ur one session onlie???? huh....huuh....huuuuuuuhhhhh??????

    P.S: I am so jealous!!!!

  7. @ mayz

    @ priya
    we all have some gr8 friends ..look around. :)

    @Princess Mia
    thank you thank you
    but i am not that creative.. :)

    ssa g
    tum to bas maze lete raha kero :D
    umm she told me all that m8.there's no fiction here ..:)
    one session did is enough for me to get a glimpse of a person .
    tc m8

    @ dip
    thanku thanku cool arian ;)

  8. cute poem! the girl is indeed lucky to get a poem dedicated to her :)

  9. @ Lena :

    I am so sorry I just saw your comment :)

    She's a friend and every1 who knows me is lucky for sure. :D

    take care


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