Sunday, July 20, 2008

innocent broken dreams..

an old friend visited
and we talked about our loves
Compared scars and broken hearts
Passed dreams over hot coffee
but still i know
I'll walk alone
Down the street of innocent broken dreams

someday the rain will stop
& she'll embrace me &
I'll think back on all I've left behind
Laughing, thinking on all I still have
but still i know
I'll walk alone
Down the street of innocent broken dreams

looks like i am truly messed up in the head ! ... :(


  1. lovely poem.. and represents the bitter truth of life.. in the end we always have to walk alone.

  2. Hmm....Yet again a sad post....

    Well, I must say that I dont agree to what Lena said. You dont have to walk alone....everybody has someone to share things with....and I am sure you ust be having to. And yes one can have broken dreams, but that doesnt mean one stops trying.

    Anyway....I have sad this before, and I say this yet again....If you need someone to walk with, and you find no one....just remember that I will always be ready for that walk! And yes, trust wont be down the innocent broken dreams! :D

  3. @ lena
    thanx for taking the time to drop by.

    i agree...with all you said!

  4. @gagan

    ssa g
    bro,their are some places where no one can go but you yourself can visit them.These are the dark places that scare you.You have to fight your daemons alone m8.Some battles have to be fought on your own.

    u r right everybody has someone to share things with but...they will walk for a mile on a 100 mile road(that's life).Every1 has their priorities bro.I used to think like you and was as energised as you 2 years ago...but now i know the truth..i accept it.

    you are welcome man.always...there's always shortage of friends in life.


  5. hey.. thnx fr visitin my blog..
    i totally agree with what gagan said.. nobody is alone.. thr is alwyz sum1..
    u jus hv to look fr them..

  6. @ Knatchbulley Hughzscene
    thanx for showing up here..

    yes thr is some1 cannot be there always.There comes a time when you are on your own.YOu have to walk alone..that time always comes in life. There's no stopping it.

  7. a mirror we look into...see our image broken into pieces...when dreams shattered us...we pick d broken pieces n try to mend it...always thinkin dat they neva can b...but we forget there is always another mirror which will show us our true self again

  8. @ mayz

    :( you made it more are so right and i h8 u for that.

    and where is that other mirror...i can't find it have been lookin all over.

    and thanx for being here buddy.

  9. We never know what dreams may hold.

    Keep walking,there will be a rainbow after the rain one day.

  10. @*~*{Sameera}*~*

    r u sure sameera?
    what if this rain never ends??


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