Saturday, July 19, 2008

still raining

An hour ago i was on roof
standing in the rain
mind at peace
heart full of sadness

remembering that day when i told her
I am coming
Crossing the state line
traveling until dawn
But I never found the time

we all should know in every Color every Dream is tainted.
I'm still as lonely as the time i followed suit
and i know that nothings coming out of this
but the taste of bitter fruit


  1. Beautiful words.I could feel the pain in these words.

    Hope the bitterness melts away soon.Take care.

  2. trying to get through these times.days get like these i think i've got an ulcer or cancer or some other ailment of a man twice my age, with a mortgage.Writing all the grief down here.Nothing stops my scribbles.It eases the pain they say, so please bear with me.

  3. "in every Color every Dream is tainted"
    hey, keep those words rolling.. they do help :*

    love you... n m here k...

  4. @rain girl

    i know sis...i know.

    love you tons.

  5. Hmm....I seriously wonder why everyone is writing heart breaking things these days? Is it in the air? Is the mausam like this....Well....V, I must used some really heavy words there, and that you write so beautifully....That I had some goosebumps while I read it!

    Keep up the good work brother....and yes, if you have some pain, and want to talk about it....Just wanna say....that I am here for you man!

  6. @ gagan
    ssa g

    thank you for all the praise.
    well this blog started as a place to scribble my pain and sorrow.I've been writing this from the first post on 3rd bro,i've always been writing like this.And about others i can't say.
    but have to agree that maybe rain has got to do something with it. rain inspires you to be of all the sorrows.


    don't worry man everyone has their troubles...everything will be alright someday.
    and thanx for offering your ear. Really appreciate it.

  7. ssa V, Well....Dont thank me for nothing....and I didnt realise that you were always writing sad posts! :P

    I will surely want to hear wat happened that has still not heeled if u ever think of sharing it with anyone, Please think of me!

    And yes, rains make u feel free....and they also make u feel like having hot tea and even hotter pakodas ;) [Just thought maybe this wud cheer you up a little]

  8. it sure brought a smile to my face m8. :D

    what happened? well it's all here...if u ever get time.Read the first posts.


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