Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the day that was Today :)

Dark Clouds in d sky
Looking like mountains
monsoon time it sure is
it bucketed down
it thundered
the lightning
the wind
the heavens opened up

my fingers moving fast on my cell
me:-"hey batra! let's have some chicken !"
batra:-"Sure m8! come over"
(huge crack of thunder followed by a lake of water falling outta the sky)
me:-"on second thoughts.....forget it!"

oh the cruel twists
oh the pain
the smell of that chicken that i could have had... :(
fuck this monsoon..

and then
and then
i dunno
me stuck for words
must have been that lightning hit i took
re arranged my molecules
can't remember anything

whats my name
whats my number
cmon V get it together man
this be yer blog
how was the day??
fuck the lightning
how was the workout today?
is there anybody out there?
knock knock
transmission interrupted
insufficient credit for withdrawal
please contact your bank
please call home
earth to v
earth to v
beep beep beep
this page has expired
v is dead
long live v !


  1. have blogrolled ya on my other blog...its easier to kno d updates thr :)

  2. @mayz

    thaxn m8

    @rain girl

  3. I guess the rains make one "pour" it all out :)

  4. @*~*{Sameera}*~*

    it does.I am damn sure abt it.


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