Wednesday, July 23, 2008


we see them in the convenient store
We see them on tv
We read about them in novel books
some appear in magazines
some look at you in the checkout line
some hang out in the mall
some become the stars of movies
few hang posters of them on their walls
you know its true
The ppl i am talking about
are just like me and you !


  1. so wat makes them different?

  2. culture,life experiences, family, friends,choices.

  3. Such a grand observation...and yet you make it look so simple actually !!

    Its a nice read.

  4. nice read... just to show that we are all the same, no matter how popular someone might be, we still all remain just people.

  5. Nice lines!

    We are everybody and sometimes nobody at all.

  6. I was on a winter vacation here at the other side of the world, where we hang down like bats. I'm glad you're going through the catharsis of art to cast out the demons of pain; the old greeks gave a unique help to occident with that concept.

    About the posts, read them all, and about this one, you know, the enlightened ones, the ones who explored the deepness of the soul, never distinguished between people, aside their attachment to Good or their temporary life in error.

  7. @ cinderella.
    welcome here.
    thanks so much
    Just a written thought.

    @ arun pk
    You are welcome m8

    @ lena
    exactly my point !

  8. @ *~*{Sameera}*~*
    What a nice thing to say! Thank you

    @ runnerfrog
    Gracias for reading them all.
    Well, that's brightened my day.

    old greeks ..don't know much about them other than phalanx,Odyssey... and troy.

    the gr8 ones never distinguished b/w ppl..agreed bro.

  9. even your blog looks very nice .. lovely address of the blog hehe everyone loves the smell of earth after rain.

  10. so true! They are just as human as you and I but we place them on a mantle. Cool post and nice observation.

  11. hmmm so true! :) and nice post..

  12. Haha....Thankfully it wasnt a sad post....

    Anyhow....yes, they are like me and you...but you know what? Some of them have done incredible work....and thats worth appreciation....and thats what makes them different from me and you! Lets hope we get there sometime sooner!

  13. @ dip..& @Tairebabs
    welcome here ..
    thanku thanku !!

    @ rain girl

    sad one will be posted shortly if you want ji.
    some of them have done awesome work yep yep...and that does differentiate them.
    hope we make it big one day.Just have to keep on trying.

  14. @ solitaire

    i am so sorry i saw your comment today!!! after ages..

    hugs and tc


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